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Terms and Symbols as used in this manual

  • > = Continue to the Next Procedural Step;
  • → = Make a Menu Selection and subsequent Sub-Menu selection in the u-Auctions Admin Control Panel.
  • Folder = Refers to a folder on your computer hard drive regardless of operating system.
  • Directory = Refers to a directory on your hosted internet domain web server.
  • AdminCP = Abbreviation for the u-Auctions Administration Control Panel.
  • Relative Path = The Server Path to your uAuctions program. Usually detected properly by the uAuctions Install Script.
  • “data” = The “” Quotes are not used when you enter data as the “” only contain the data you need to use.
  • AdminCP URL = (To execute u-Auctions Admin Control Panel Your URL will differ)
    • This is only for the Premium u-Auctions Version.
    • There is also a Administrator button on the Front End if you are logged in to your main user account.
    • The Administrator button will automatically open the AdminCP for you.
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