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Configuring site specific settings located using the AdminCP Menu

  • Settings → General Settings: Site Name = Enter your Auction Site Name.
  • Settings → General Settings: Admin eMail = Enter the email address of your auction site administrator.

Using your Internet Browser go to your u-Auctions Auction site to make sure it is working properly

  • Register at least two accounts.
  • Create an auction; include pictures using the gallery upload; set one at “Buy Now” configuration; etc.
  • Buy the item with a second user account.
  • Test Feedback. and
  • Test Message Boards
  • Test Winner system emails such as Winner eMail, etc.

For Example: URL Address to u-Auctions Auction Program:

Additional Admin Control Panel settings that should be changed prior to registering auction users

  • English is the default language for u-Auctions using the EN language folder.
  • Review additional information in the AdminCP → Preferences → Multilingual support.
  • If you are in USA, you will need to replace the UK Flag file /inclues/flags/EN.gif with a US Flag.

NOTE !!!: Adding additional languages to u-Auctions (Optional)

Adding or modifying Auction Categories using the AdminCP Categories Table Tree Update Page

  • AdminCP → Settings →Categories-Categories Table:
  • To edit categories navigate the categories hierarchy. Click on the “+ symbol” left of a particular category or sub-category to browse the subcategories tree under that specific category.
  • In each level you'll be able to add a new category, edit the categories description and delete as necessary.

Note!!!: Only a category under which (or under its subcategories) there are no active auctions can that particular category be deleted. An “empty” DELETE checkbox only appears for categories which can be deleted. Deleting a category will automatically delete all the subcategories. Where required, deleted categories will only be “marked” as deleted but, still visible for closed auction.

Select the Correct Country Currency for your auction site

  • Preferences > Currencies Settings: Pick your Country's Currency from list.

Set the correct time zone for your auction site (if applicable)

  • Preferences → Time Settings: Pick correct number + / - hours from GMT Time for your location.

Set the correct Date format for your auction site

  • Preferences → Date Format: mm/dd/yyyy “or” dd/mm/yyyy

Creating the About Us Page

  • Contents → About Us Page: Enter information about your Auction Site.

Creating the Terms & Condition Page

  • Contents → Terms & Conditions Page: Enter the terms and use restrictions for your auction site.

Enabling, Creating and Deleting Messages Boards (u-Auctions Internal Simple Message Boards)

  • Enable Message Board System → Contents → Message Boards → Message Board Settings: Enable “OR” Disable.
  • Create New Message Board → Contents → Message Boards → New Message Board.
  • Delete Message Board → Contents → Message Boards → Message Boards Management.
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