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Welcome to the u-Auctions Wiki!

The u-Auctions Script is a brand new auction script that is perfect for those who want to start their own auction website in minutes.

Here at the u-Auctions Wiki you can find helpful information about the u-Auctions script.

If you are viewing the u-Auctions wiki from your u-Auctions Admin Control Panel and if you are running SSL on your u-Auctions Script some of the links on the u-Auctions wiki may not work because they are not on a SSL connection.

  • The u-Auctions Wiki is brand new and the u-Auctions Features are still missing some pages.
  • The information that is provided on the u-Auctions Wiki is for the Free and Premium Versions and the information that is regarding to the Premium Version will be marked with ( Premium Version Only) in the headline.

Special Offers

  • Click Here to learn how to get your own Free Premium u-Auctions Script YES!! 100% Free. LOL
  • Thank You to the people that helped translated the Premium u-Auctions languages.

Free u-Auctions Script


Dowload Free u-Auctions vSE 1 (Build 1)

  • Click Here to download the Free u-Auctions Script from

Premium u-Auctions Script


Dowload Premium u-Auctions SE 1 (Build 4)

  • Click Here to purchase the Premium u-Auctions Script.
  • Click Here to download the Premium u-Auctions Script from You must be a Premium User and logged in to the u-Auctions website to be able to download the Premium u-Auctions Script.


Here is a list of all the u-Auctions Features.

You can find helpful information about the u-Auctions Features here.

Admin Control Panel

Auction type

User Control Panel

Payment Gateways



  • Please keep the u-Auctions copyright and link on the Free u-Auctions script or please make a $5 USD donation to remove the copyright.
  • The Premium u-Auctions script does not have any copyright.

u-Auctions Manual

It is recommended that you review all the information that is contained in this manual prior to installing the u-Auctions script.

Download PDF

You can download the u-Auctions Wiki pages in to a PDF file by clicking on the download PDF button that is located in the Wiki panel that is on the right side of the u-Auctions Wiki.

  • Help Support the u-Auctions Script by making a donation to
  • Any Donations that are over $5 USD can delete the u-Auctions copyright from the Free u-Auctions Script.
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