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The Premium Pro-Auction-Script is 75% off for $16.25 at Pro-Auction-Script.com and can download the Premium Pro-Auction-Script SE 2 (Build 2 Beta) before the full release.

The Free Pro-Auction-Script has not been released yet and can only buy the premium version at this time!

We are moving the website to Pro-Auction-Script.com! if you already have a account on the u-Auctions website you will have to reregister for a new account! If you are a premium member you can use your Premium Code to upgrade your account to premium on the new website!

Premium u-Auctions License

Copyright: 2016 u-Auctions
This license is for the Premium u-Auctions script.
By purchasing our product on ubidzz.comu-auctions.com or hotscripts.com you indicate that you have read and agree with the Premium u-Auctions License detailed on this page.
Premium u-Auctions Script
  • The Premium u-Auctions script does not have any u-Auctions copyrights. 
  • You can install the Premium u-Auctions script on as many domain names as you want. 
  • The Premium u-Auctions script is a copy of the Free version but comes with extra features, support, themes and updates that the Free version dose not included in it. 

  1. You are not allowed to share the u-Auctions script on the internet or resell/sell the Premium u-Auctions script the Premium u-Auctions script is copyrighted to u-Auctions.com. 
  2. You are not allowed to share the u-Auctions script on the internet or resell/sell the Premium u-Auctions script or resell/sell the Premium u-Auctions script under a different name. 

3rd party
  1. The Premium u-Auctions Scripts that are approved to be sold on 3rd party websites will not have the u-Auctions Scripts they will have a Premium u-Auctions Code so that the users can upgrade their account on the u-Auctions websites. After the user has upgraded their account they will be able to download the premium u-Auctions scripts, themes and login to the premium forums. The u-Auctions team will only provide the Premium u-Auctions Codes to the 3rd partys so that we have control over our u-Auctions scripts that are sold and downloaded.
  2. If you have been sold a copy of the Premium u-Auctions Script and not a Premium u-Auctions Code from the 3rd party ask for a refund.


  • If you have donated over $60.00 please go to the u-Auctions forums and contact the u-Auctions Admin with your order number and full Name so that the admin can verify the donation. After the donation has been verify the Admin will reply back to the user with a Premium u-Auctions Code so that the user can upgrade their account to premium.
No Refund Policy
  • u-Auctions Script is an "as-is" digital download product.
  •  There are two public versions.  
    1. Free
    2. Premium (fixes, enhancements & add-on features)
  • Our no refund policy is enforce at all times due to the ongoing development and nature of digital downloads.
  • Due to the nature of u-Auctions products (non-tangible digital goods), it is not possible to “return” the product therefore we DO NOT offer refunds after the purchase has been made. 
  • There are no refunds for all donations made on the u-Auctions website due to it is a gift to help support u-Auctions.
  • All premium u-Auctions scripts sale are final.
  • If you are having any issue with the file, trouble setup, or have any questions, please submit a new thread on our fourms, we will do our best to resolve the problem.
We work diligently on the product making constant improvements. As with any digital software on the market we want to remain competitive and keep prices low. We ask that you please keep this in mind when making a decision to purchase the Premium product or when making a donation.
Support Policy
  • u-Auctions only provides product related support to verified customers via Private Message and Community Forums. We DO NOT provide support via Facebook, or Twitter. We DO NOT offer phone support as well. We may request you to provide us your purchase details and website login when needed, in which case it will only be done through the Private Message system to protect your confidential & secure details.
Premium u-Auction Script updates
  1. All premium u-Auctions script upgrades are released regularly.
  2. Ever premium user can obtain the new premium u-Auctions version in thier user control panel on the u-Auctions website when it is released. 
  3. Ever premium u-Auctions script will display a message in the admin control panel that a new version was released.
  4. To upgrade the premium u-Auctions script there are 2 different ways to upgrade the script manually or using the Upgrade u-Auctions Script tool that is builtin the admin control panel.



All products are property of u-Auctions. You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified.

Any Violation of this License will result in termination of your account or the account will be removed from the premium area on the u-Auctions websites and will not be able to receive premium support, scripts, updates and themes. 
Because the u-Auctions script was developed from the webid script and was heavily modified so we have to include the webid GPL license.
This license is subject to change without notice 
Last updated on 10/02/2016
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