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The Free Pro-Auction-Script has not been released yet and can only buy the premium version at this time!

We are moving the website to Pro-Auction-Script.com! if you already have a account on the u-Auctions website you will have to reregister for a new account! If you are a premium member you can use your Premium Code to upgrade your account to premium on the new website!

Marketplace License

Payment Gateway
At this time the u-Auctions marketplace only accept paypal for all transactions.
You will be able to add your paypal email address in your control panel after you have registered for a account on the u-Auctions website.
The seller pay's for all fees and all fees are added to the seller's Account Balance after the buyer has paid for their item.
There are 3 different fees for the u-Auctions Marketplace. 
  1. 8% Fee for all Webid themes and mods
  2. 5% Fee for the free u-Auctions version themes and mods
  3. 3% Fee for the premium u-Auctions version themes and mods
All fees are based off the finale price of the theme or mod.
Account Balance
If you do not pay for your Account Balance fees your account will be suspended and will not be able to list new themes or mods to the marketplace. Any active themes or mods that are listed will be suspended in till your Account Balance is paid.
Every user account has their own Account Balance Limit. If you make a payment to your Account Balance your account limit will be raised a extra 1.50 after the payment has been confirmed. All new account limmits are set to 10.00 and after the user makes a payment to their Account Balance their account limit will be raised to 11.50. 
Your account limit can only be raised to the maximum of 55.00.
Forum Section
All new listed themes or mods on the marketplace will have their own section on the u-Auctions forums so that cutomers can post any problems with their theme or mod to the seller. 
It will take up to 24 hours to setup the forum section for your theme or mod.
There is no refunds for items sold by u-Auctions (Jason) in the marketplace. There is no refunds for the premium u-Auctions script that is sold on the marketplace no matter if the u-Auctions script works or does not work on your server.
The seller may allow refunds for their items that was sold on the u-Auctions marketplace and if you want to do a refund please contact the seller.
Most items on the u-Auctions marketplace don't allow refunds.
This license is subject to change without notice
Last updated on 01/13/2016
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