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If you wish to help support u-Auctions by helping to keep the u-Auctions up and running and development of the u-Auctions script please make a donation

If you donate more than $60.00 USD your u-Auctions account will be upgraded to premium u-Auctions member and you will be able to download the premium u-Auctions script and themes.

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Copyright Removele Donation

  1. To remove the copyright from your free version u-Auctions script please donate $5.00 or more.
  2. Please enter the correct information that you used in your u-Auctions Admin Control Panel in to the fields below.
  3. The Site Url, Site Name and Site Email information must be the same that you are using in your u-Auctions Control Panel so that our system updates the correct database. (u-Auctions AdminCP -> Settings -> General Settings)
  4. After the payment has been made the donation message that is in your u-Auctions Admin Control Panel will update telling you are allowed to remove the u-Auctions copyright.

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