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If you designed a modification or theme for the premium or free verson u-Auctions script or a modification or theme for the Webid script and you would like to sell it you can sell it on the u-Auctions marketplace.
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At this time the u-Auctions marketplace only accept paypal for all transactions.
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All fees are based off the finale price of the theme or mod.
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Your account limit can only be raised to the maximum of 55.00.
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Seller: Jason
Total Items Sold: 45
Title: Premium u-auctions Script 75% off
Subtitle: Limited time sale
Script: Premium u-Auctions Version
Item Type:
u-Auctions or Webid Version(s): ALL
Item Version: SE 1
Price: 16.25 USD You must be logged in to buy this item
Item description

The u-Auctions Script is a brand new auction script that is perfect for those who want to start their own auction website in minutes.

Features Feature Details Free Version Premium Version
Bid increment Seller can use custom bid increment YES YES
Proxy Bidding Proxy bidding makes it easier for users to bid on two different items being sold at the same time YES YES
Photo Gallery Sellers will be able to upload pictures up to the maximum you specify. 

The Free SE Version only allows a maximum of 10 pictures per-auction.


Share auctions Share auctions allows the user to share auctions on Google+, Facebook and Twitter YES YES
Bult in payment gateways Users can use the built in payment gateways to pay for items and fees (paypal/authorize.net/Worldpay/Skrill/2Checkout) YES YES
Auction type Users can make Standard, Dutch or Digital items auctions YES YES
User Area Themes User Area Themes
Bootstrap 3 Themes images coming soon
Click Here to see the Premium Themes Images
(2 User Area Theme)
($5.00 Value Absolutely Free)
(13 User Area Themes)
($32.50 Value Absolutely Free)
SEO SEO is used to make the address link look better and used to help optimize the address to be found in search engines YES YES
Favourite seller Users can add there own favourite seller YES YES
Advertisement banner system Users can add there own Advertisement banner from there control panel and the banner will be displayed at the top right corrner of the header YES YES
Works on smartphones and tablets No app needed the webpages will auto resize to fit the screen YES YES
Phpass Phpass is a framework aimed at simplifying the process for encrypting or hashing the passwords YES YES
PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension helps prevent SQL injection YES YES
u-Auctions Bot Checker API The u-Auctions Bot Checker API check the emails that are registered on all the u-Auctions scripts against known emails that bots use. The u-Auctions Bot Checker API checks the email providers that are disposable emails that bots use. YES
(Can not turn off the u-Auctions Bot Checker API from the AdminCP)
(Can turn off or on the u-Auctions Bot Checker API from the AdminCP)
Custom User Groups Custom user groups allow you to make a group and set it to users on the website to allow them to sell, buy, auto join, User Count, pay no fees, No Final Price Fee, No Setup Fee, NO Extra Category Fee, No Subtitle Fee, No Relist Fee, No Picture Fee, No Featured Fee, No Highlighted Fee, No Bold Fee, No Reserve Price Fee and No Buyer Fee. (The Free u-Auctions version only has sell, buy, auto join, User Count, pay no fees) YES YES
Live u-Auctions Messages

Live messages from u-Auctions that will be displaied in all u-Auctions scripts AdminCP

Copyright Displays the u-Auctions copyright
(Must make a $5 donation to remove the copyright.)
(There is no u-Auctions copyright label on the User Area but there is a u-Auctions copyright in the AdminCP)
Email Settings You can change the type of email handler you want to use on the u-Auctions script like SMTP or PHPMailer and you can also test the email settings from the AdminCP by sending a test email to your email.


(Only use PHP Mail)

Report Auctions Users can Report Auctions to the site admin NO YES
Auction Custom Start Date Users can set their own start date for their auctions NO YES
Encryption and Decryption System The encryption and decryption system uses 256-bit AES, sha256 and HMAC to encrypt all the users data well loged in and can set a custom key to use for the encrypting and decrypting data. All premium u-Auctions scripts uses different keys so no 2 u-Auctions scripts uses the same keys. Can choose from OpenSSL or Mcrypt encryption from the AdminCP.


(Cannot change the encryption key and cannot change the encryption type between OpenSSL or Mcrypt)

Cookie Directive Message The cookie directive is the banner that drops down at the top and tells people that the site uses cookies to store information on the person computer. NO YES
Facebook Login Facebook Login allows the user to login with there facebook account NO YES
Favicon Icon The favicon is the image that is shown on the browser tab when people are visiting the website. NO YES
SMS Alerts

Users can recive SMS alerts for Unknown Logins, Out Bidded, Item Won, Item Sold and New Messages.



Google Map The Google Map uses the seller country and zip code to display the seller location on the auction page where the item is being shipped from but it will not display the seller home address for security reasons. NO YES
Google Adsense Add your own Goole Adsense ads by entering your google adsense code from the AdminCP. NO YES
Google Analytics Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered byGoogle that tracks and reports website traffic. Easily controlled from the AdminCP NO YES
Watermark The Watermark lets you add a custom watermark on all the pictures that are uploaded to the server. NO YES
Site Counters Turn on or off counters that are shown on the site. ( Active auctions, Registered users, Online guests, Online users, Categories and Total items sold ) NO
(Can't turn off the Registered Users and Total Items Sold counters from the AdminCP)
(Can turn on and off all counters from the AdminCP)
Customize Cookies, Sessions names and Custom Payment Code Can set a customize the Cookies, Sessions and Custom Payment codes from the AdminCP to fit your auctions site (Helps with security) NO YES
Item Condition Users can add there own Item Condition to there auctions NO YES
Change the Admin Folder Can rename the admin folder name from the AdminCP and will auto change all the AdminCP links NO YES
Delete unpaid items According to the default in u-Auctions's Settings, cron.php automatically deletes unpaid items older than 30 days. This helps keep your Winners table clean.

( default 30 days and can not change how many days to delete unpaid auctions)

Payment Sandbox Easy Payment Sandbox testing for (paypal/authorize.net/Worldpay/Skrill/2Checkout) NO YES
Bitbucket You can keep track of the changed codes in the u-auctions script NO YES
u-Auctions updates

Download new updates of the u-auctions script
(Life time updates)

(There is no updates for the free u-Auctions script)
Easy u-Auctions Script upgrade Can easily upgrade the u-Auctions Script from the Admin Control Panel. Only takes 2 clicks and the u-Auctions script is updated to the new version. Need a API Key and is only available for premium member. NO YES
Premium Support

You will receive support for your u-auctions script
(Life time support)

(Community support only no admin support)(Click Here for more detals)
(Admin and community support)

After the payment has been made you will be able to download the u-Auctions documentation file from your control panel under > My Downloads

The u-Auctions documentation file will have the Premium u-Auctions Code so that you can upgrade your u-Auctions account to Premium so that you can download the u-Auctions script, themes and login to the premium u-Auctions forums.

If you have any problems downloading the file or registering for a account on the u-Auctions website you can contact me by Clicking Here.

No Returns and No Refunds

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